Golden Heaven Yunnan

Golden Heaven Yunnan is one of the best Yunnan teas made. Small, lightly rolled leaves loaded with gold tips produce a rich smooth cup, full of flavor, without astringency or bitterness. One of the best morning teas you’ll find.

Country of Origin: China
Region: Yunnan

Golden Heaven Yunnan

Golden Heaven Yunnan is one of the most stylish teas that are commercially available. It has shining black and distinctive golden yellow buds, frangrant aroma, varnished color, rich malty taste and top quality. It is so distinctive that when it was frist brought to London it was considered a special species of tea.

This Golden Heaven Yunnan is one of the highest quality teas available from the Yunnan province. It is only produced during last two weeks of March and first two weeks of April when the new growth has the highest percentage of golden tips.

Try this tea and treat yourself to one of the world's greatest teas

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